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When those afflicted with poverty do not have what is needed to feel clean, it brings about shame and desperation. devoted to advancing the lives of others Giving to the Nations Learn More Hygiene Poverty is very real While many charities are focused on food Learn More household cleaning products they so desperately need to feel whole.
few are helping to ensure that those in poverty have the personal care and
Our focus is to help alleviate hygiene poverty Donate Now It is the inability to afford personal care and household cleaning products.
With your help, we can solve it together through our efforts, we are able to help fill the gap for individuals and families in need of toothpaste, soap, deodorant, housewares, bedding, towels, clothing and toys helping people to feel loved and whole.
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Nearly 31%
of Wisconsin families
live in severe

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Giving to the Nations offers multiple ways give and help the most needy in our community. By becoming a monthly sustainer we do not have to spend as much time and resources as we do fund raising. We also need hygiene and cleaning products as well as some things to run our offices smoothly. Lastly, you can add us on your Amazon account as an AmazonSmile participant, a portion of all shopping will come back to us for our general fund.

Listen, Act, Learn.

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Our Mission is to alleviate Hygiene Poverty

Healthy Essentials Pantry

We are helping to ensure that those in need have the personal care and household cleaning products they so desperately require.

We have many new programs in development to help the community.

These programs are coming soon.

Basic nutrition and food preparation

Basic nutrition and food preparation classes in collaboration with UW Extension FoodWIse EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program).

Accessible Library Materials

In collaboration with the Racine County Library to facilitate a “library corner.” Reading builds self-esteem and confidence in oneself.

Free Community Legal Services

Working with with Michelson Law Office. We assist people who truly need help dealing with their financial obligations and obtaining a Fresh Start.

Community Dental Services

We work closely with iDental Racine to offer our neighbors oral hygiene assitance.

Resource Referral Hub Racine

Connecting the individuals and families we serve with other community resources to help them excel.

Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education and English Language Learners (ELL) Classes in collaboration with the Racine Literacy Council

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