Giving to the Nations  –  devoted to advancing the lives of others

Giving to the Nations  -  devoted to advancing the lives of others

Giving to the Nations

Healthy Essentials Pantry

We’re here to ensure that those in need have the help they need to obtain the personal care and household cleaning products they so desperately need.

Hygiene Poverty. What is it?

Hygiene poverty is being unable to afford the everyday items most of us take for granted. It’s having to choose between eating or staying clean because you can’t afford both.

It is very real and its effects are not exclusive of your income or employment status. The desperation and shame it brings can be devastating.

This is why our Healthy Essentials Pantry is here. The need is real, the need has gone unmet for too long, we are here to meet that need.


% of Families Served by County


Do you need help?

The process is simple, please complete the Intake Form (everyone must complete) and the Product List (additional). Both forms can be completed online or download and returned to us (instructions are on the forms).

Online Forms

Intake Form

In order to help you, please complete the Intake Form. This form is required.

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Product List

If you need help with personal care, baby care, and household cleaning products ONLY, please complete BOTH the Intake Form and the Product List.

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