Giving to the Nations  –  devoted to advancing the lives of others

Giving to the Nations  -  devoted to advancing the lives of others

Giving to the Nations

It’s our privilege to serve.

Giving to the Nations is an organization devoted to the assembling of all those with giving hearts to advance the lives of others, by organizing the compassionate power in people’s lives locally and around the world to advance the common good.

James White


James (Jim) White is a conscientious, practical and straightforward leader. A retired railroad conductor and engineer by trade, Jim uses his trade acumen as conductor of corporate affairs and engineer of effective processes within Giving to the Nations as President.

Jim guides the corporation like a cruise ship, applying precision, decision and implementation strategies as in his former trade. He served for several years in an elected union officer position, and he currently officiates over the non-profit corporation with a focus on the end-user and recipient of the services provided, with a true servant’s heart. Jim ministers regularly to both youth at a local youth detention center and at the Racine County jail system, and serves on the Racine County Chaplaincy Counsel as their vice president.

Jim, the head of the White household, is an ordained Servant of God, an avid outdoorsman and is also disciplined in the art of Judo.

Lynn White exudes professionalism and functions with a firm yet soft hand as the Financial Administrator on the Giving to the Nations board. This manner can be attributed to her experiences of navigating clients through key financial decisions with assurance and confidence building. 

Serving the community under a financial and insurance umbrella for over 30 years, she is accomplished in the areas of counseling, sales, marketing and customer service. Lynn has served as a women’s counselor, financial administrator and secretary with the Racine County Chaplaincy Counsel Board since 2017, developing and conducting esteem-building programs for female inmates which articulate hope, meaning and purpose for their futures. 

As an ordained Pastor, wife, mother of four, gifted musician, artist and nature-lover, Lynn exemplifies a well roundedness within her life and the office herewith.

Lynn White


Kathleen Balistreri


Having held long-term training and management positions for a national airline and a long established Milwaukee, WI newspaper, Kathy is well versed in business structure. Skilled in the development of corporate, sales and technical training programs by capturing interest in creative word formats and relatability to persons of all ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds, her 20+ years of experience relate well to the board position she occupies. An ordained Pastor, Pastor Kathy also functions as manager and buyer for a Christian bookstore in Southeastern WI.

Serving as Board Secretary, her passions encompass standing on what is right for individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities, and objectively evaluating right motives and conditions for ensuring balanced, loving, yet responsible outreach opportunities. She’s a “who, what, when, where and how” go-getter on the Board!

Pastor Kathy is actively seeking expressive, innovative ways to help people through positive change initiatives, like honing in on the most effective way to get needed provisions to families in need. She is also interested in finding ways to get young women to see the value in themselves. 

Pastor Anthony is the founder of Giving to the Nations, a worldwide non-profit organization. He currently serves on their board of directors. He is the Senior Pastor of an international ministry headquartered in Racine, WI and has served on the boards of other southeastern Wisconsin ministries and Christian schools.

Pastor Anthony is currently in his ongoing assignment as Chaplain in the Racine County Sheriff’s Office, which he has held since he established their Chaplaincy Counsel. In this position, he has established healthy, constructive relationships within the office as well as with other government offices in Racine County amongst elected officials and laymen. He is a persuasive negotiator and skilled mediator in the purpose of life.


Anthony Balistreri

Executive Director

Pastor Anthony holds both an undergraduate degree in Physics and an MBA from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. He has made his mark in the corporate world, most recently working with government regulators to ultimately reduce dependency on foreign oil within the consumer markets. He has been a contributor as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. on several fronts for regulatory law-making and foreign affairs support, including the Department of Transportation, Christians United for Israel, and for financial support from the United States to the country of Israel.

Multi-faceted in character, yet pragmatic in business acumen, he exudes power and ease within both the corporation and his daily leadership role. He is in his nature a natural leader in both local as well as international business matters.

All people, whom Pastor Anthony calls God’s children, are at the heart of his heart. There is no limit to the extent of compassion Pastor Anthony has for the well-being, peace, protection, and desire for every soul to obtain and sustain a life of stability, wholeness, and wellness within self and family. He believes in people and their capability to learn, to change, and to be purposeful in life.

Lynn Nys


A native Wisconsinite, every position held by Lynn has centered on her natural love for people, whether in the role of a Licensed Insurance Agent suggesting best policies covering health, life and annuity opportunities, or mentoring women and youth at various correctional facilities in Green Bay, WI and the surrounding area. She is always looking out for others and looking at the best in them.

Mrs. Nys is an ordained Non-Denominational Pastor, and serves within a worship community in Racine, Wisconsin while continuing her residency in the Green Bay area. Her leadership and team development skills are highlighted by her exemplary capacity for organization, and she has served numerous businesses in administrative positions. She is no stranger to overcoming difficult tasks and challenges within large corporations or small businesses.  No task is too large or too small for her to succeed!

Serving as the Director of the G2N Board, “direction” is an understatement to the tasks she performs for this non-profit organization. We are truly blessed to have her talents focused on both donation acquisitions and building and flourishing the outreach opportunities we pursue and implement.

A native resident of Racine, Wisconsin, Jason is a graduate of J.I. Case High School and achieved his Associate Degree in Supervisory Management, with honors, from Gateway Technical College.

Jason uses his youthfulness for the advantage of the organization, as he applies keen negotiating skills to bring fresh, explorative and constructive discussion points to the table.  Such skills have been honed in his career-life as both Buyer and Purchasing Agent for 2 quality consumer products companies in Racine County. His character profile emulates the breakthrough traits needed to perform in these types of key positions in the workforce, his “home front” and in community-care activities, e.g., analytical, process-thinker, structure and systems oriented, while naturally exuding a warm, easy-to-approach, caring persona.


Jason Sprangers


Jason serves as an ordained Elder in his church community, and also volunteers in the Racine County Jail to minister the Gospel to the inmates who are seeking the truth.  Recently having completed a State-endorsed Chaplain training program, Jason has accepted an additional role of civic proportion within the County as an on-call Chaplain in emergency response situations.

A solid family man, Jason is married to a lovely, supportive wife who has given him 2 beautiful daughters and a handsome son; all under the age of 5 years!

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