Giving to the Nations  –  devoted to advancing the lives of others

Giving to the Nations  -  devoted to advancing the lives of others

Giving to the Nations

Our Annual Reviews

We hope to give you a glimpse of the impact we have made on people’s lives over the years. So many individuals and families touched by so many supporters, collaborators, and volunteers. Too numerous to give written acknowledgement to all, but none taken for granted or forgotten.

2022 Annual Report

                                       2022 A Year of Growth

Where do we start? So many changes. So many increases.

As we continue in our mission to advance the lives of others, and our goal to meet the under met and more often unmet need for personal care, baby care, and household cleaning products, to alleviate the shame and desperation that often accompanies hygiene poverty-the inability to afford basic non-food goods such as shampoo, deodorant, body wash, diapers, dishwashing detergent, and laundry detergent, we start with you, our donors, product suppliers and volunteers.

Our donors, those who continue this journey with us, and those who have joined us in our mission, the foundations, businesses, and individuals. We are grateful to all. Our continued supporters, to name a few, Forest County Potawatomi Foundation, Otto Bremer Trust, Racine Community Foundation, Grand Foundation, the continuing businesses, and individual supporters (who prefer to remain anonymous), and those who have joined with us in 2022; the foundations, businesses (rpm Bodywork), nonprofits, (Hmong American Friendship Association), and individuals both one time and monthly supporters. Understand, you are our starting point, without you, we do not move forward. 

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