Giving to the Nations  –  devoted to advancing the lives of others

Giving to the Nations  -  devoted to advancing the lives of others

Giving to the Nations

About Us

We serve in a community whose need will not go unmet because of our mission and vision and the mission of those who we collaborate and partner with; supported by the servant hearts of our volunteers.

It’s really not about us, its about you. YOU.

It’s about our supporters, collaborators, volunteers, individuals, and families we have the privilege to serve with and to serve.

It’s not about our alcaides, it’s about everyone that has come together to provide so much to so many. Some we gratefully publicly acknowledge, many more we thank who choose to stay in the recesses giving and serving, preferring their anonymity.


Our goal, which is being fulfilled through you, is to fill the gap. To serve the underserved and unserved individuals and families in Racine County, expanding into Milwaukee and Kenosha Counties.

Our primary focus is to help alleviate Hygiene Poverty in our area. What is Hygiene Poverty? The inability to acquire basic essential personal care and household cleaning products. A major focus for most nonprofits is food. Food insecurity is undeniably a great need however, there is a huge unrecognized and unmet need in our area for personal care and household cleaning products-basic essential products.

The Feeding America Study, In Short Supply  researched the need for non-food goods as it affected individuals and families utilizing food pantries. This is undoubtedly a population in need, the “in poverty.” Considering if they cannot afford food, what else are they going without? Understand, there are also the “working poor” who do not meet the income restrictions to qualify for food pantries and other social assistance programs, and the individuals and families who occasionally need a little help are also affected by the inability to acquire personal care and household cleaning products.

“Federal nutrition assistance programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), focus only on food items, so there is a need for other creative strategies to help families afford non-food goods that are just as important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”  Our program, Healthy Essentials Pantry, is one of those creative strategies to help families afford non-food goods. These non-food goods, personal care and household cleaning products, are being provided throughout our community through our brick and mortar location, and through our Mobile Healthy Essentials Pantry. Our Mobile Healthy Essentials Pantry allows us to continue to extend our reach, providing assistance where and when it is needed.

Our commitment is to provide these non-food, basic essential items on a consistent basis for the “in poverty” and “working poor” residents in Racine County, expanding to Milwaukee and Kenosha Counties. It has been a privilege to already have provided personal care and household cleaning products, to individuals and families: in rehabilitation homes; to families reunited out of incarceration and foster care; families of incarcerated individuals; working individuals and families who needed a little help (“working poor”); individuals and families in transitional living facilities, rehousing programs, and low-income housing.

As a result of the relationships built with individuals and families in need through our provision of personal care and household cleaning products, we are also able to help fill the gap through the supplementation of housewares, bedding, towels, clothing, and toys.

Our service continues to expand because your support, collaboration, and volunteering continues to expand. It’s not about us. It’s about you.