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Giving to the Nations is an organization devoted to the assembling of all those with giving hearts to advance the lives of others, by organizing the compassionate power in people’s lives locally and around the world to advance the common good.

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Steven Nys – President

Beginning his mechanical trades career in 1973, (recently retired) Steve is no foreigner to commitment and intensive labor which translates into a natural melding between passion and position as he embraces the leadership role of Board President.

Since its inception, Steve has supplied immeasurable support and hands-on laboring throughout our nonprofit’s mission in the daily operational trenches with his wife, Lynn.  This accessibility has provided clarity of vision and valuable insights for the need of our services in the communities now served and for the organization’s eminent growth and service expansion.

A native of Northeastern Wisconsin, Steve is an ordained non-denominational pastor serving in Racine, Wisconsin.

With certainty, Pastor Steve’s jovial easygoingness, levelheadedness and contemplative personality will compliment and lend leadership qualities sure to inspire the entire board team and bring new and positive relationships from corporate sponsorship and volunteerism.

Kathleen Balistreri – Secretary

Having held long term training and management positions for a national airline and a long-established Milwaukee, Wisconsin newspaper, Kathy is well versed in business structure. Skilled in the development of corporate, sales, and technical training programs by capturing interest in creative word formats and relatability to persons of all ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds, her 20+ years of experience relate well to the board position she occupies. An ordained non-denominational pastor, Pastor Kathy also functions as manager and buyer for a Christian bookstore in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Serving as Board Secretary, her passions encompass standing on what is right for individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities, and objectively evaluating right motives and conditions for ensuring balanced, loving, yet responsible outreach opportunities. She’s a “who, what, when, where and how” go-getter on the Board!

Pastor Kathy is actively seeking expressive, innovative ways to help people through positive change initiatives, like honing in on the most effective way to get needed provisions to families in need. She is also interested in finding ways to get young women to see the value in themselves.

Lynn Nys – Treasurer and Director

A native Wisconsinite, every position held by Lynn has centered on her natural love for people. She is always looking out for others and looking at the best in them.

As an ordained non-denominational pastor, Pastor Lynn serves within a worship community in Racine, Wisconsin. Her leadership and team development skills are highlighted by her exemplary capacity for organization, having served diverse industries in financial and administrative positions. Pastor Lynn is no stranger to overcoming difficult tasks and challenges within large corporations or small businesses.  No task is too large or too small for her to succeed.

Serving as Treasurer and Director on our Board, we are truly blessed to have her talents utilized both for financial exactness and the building and flourishing of the outreach opportunities we pursue and implement.

Anthony Balistreri – Executive Director

Anthony is the Founder and Executive Director of Giving to the Nations, a worldwide nonprofit organization.

An ordained non-denominational pastor, Pastor Anthony is the senior pastor of an international ministry headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin and has served on the boards of other Southeastern Wisconsin ministries and Christian schools.

Pastor Anthony is currently in his ongoing assignment as Chaplain in the Racine County Sheriff’s Office, which he has held since he established their Chaplaincy Counsel in 2016. In this position, he has established healthy, constructive relationships within the office as well as with other government offices in Racine County amongst elected officials and laymen. He is a persuasive negotiator and skilled mediator in the purpose of life.

Pastor Anthony holds both an undergraduate degree in Physics and an MBA from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has made his mark in the corporate world, most recently working with government regulators to ultimately reduce dependency on foreign oil within the consumer markets. He has been a contributor as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. on several fronts for regulatory law-making and foreign affairs support, including the Department of Transportation, Christians United for Israel, and for financial support from the United States to the country of Israel.

Multi-faceted in character, yet pragmatic in business acumen, he exudes power and ease within both the corporation and his daily leadership role. He is in his nature a natural leader in both local as well as international business matters.

All people, whom Pastor Anthony calls God’s children, are at the heart of his heart. There is no limit to the extent of compassion Pastor Anthony has for the well-being, peace, protection, and desire for every soul to obtain and sustain a life of stability, wholeness, and wellness within self and family. He believes in people and their capability to learn, to change, and to be purposeful in life.

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